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Mara Jade Twi'lek by uglygosling
Mara Jade Twi'lek
Mara Jade is one of the most popular characters of the Star Wars EU and twi'leks are one of the most popular alien races, so I thought I would combine the two...

Given the Emperor Palpatine's extreme pro-human - anti-alien bias, perhaps he would have had nothing to do with a twi'lek Mara Jade - or perhaps thinking of the legendary ability of female twi'leks to seduce others, he might have seen even more possibilities for her...but a more open-minded Luke Skywalker ultimately won her over to the Light side.
Aayla Secura Mermaid by uglygosling
Aayla Secura Mermaid
Aayla Secura and Kit Fisto had a relationship that at times tested the limits of the Jedi code. Given that he could breathe water as well as air, if they had been allowed to take their relationship further, might Aayla have wished she could become a mermaid so she could more easily be with the man she had come to love?
Amelia - Masked by uglygosling
Amelia - Masked
Amelia (Millie) Lee, after her face was sealed inside a bronze mask.

Amelia is the central character of 'The Lady and the Bronze Mask' by Alveric2
The Big and the Small by uglygosling
The Big and the Small
These vehicles belong to two of my coworkers. The Mazda convertible looks almost small enough to fit in the bed of the Ford F350 4-door pickup.
1: 3 years

2: I'm no movie star when it comes to looks, but I also think of the ugly duckling who grew up to be a swan!

3: hard to define (?)

4: right handed/somewhat ambidexterous

5: Haiku 3

6: photography

7: not sure

8: Gift for a Friend by FERNL

9: mermaids and trains (tie, more or less)

10: Alveric2

11: see #10

12: By inspiring me to follow the artistic path as well (kudos especially to Alveric2 and AsheryW )

13: Pen, pencil, paper, colored pencils.

14: Away from the computer!

15: Perhaps the back-and-forth with other deviants via the comment box!


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